Summer is halfway through and for many moms it may still feel like an eternity... 

Summer seems a little overwhelming for working moms due to the change in their daily routine and strenuous on full-time moms whom spend their entire day with little ones. 

We believe that it is necessary for every family to have a structured schedule to execute every day plans. During Summer when the plan is upside down, we have to figure out a way to get creative and look for different activities for the kids that will be fun at the same time for the parents. 

That is why many young, energetic, and entrepreneur blogger moms put themselves out there and send their amazing tips and support.

We are happy to collaborate with them, not only because they are amazing at what they do, but also because we love to be part of a lifestyle that encourages women to look their best effortlessly and still manage to keep it together when it comes to family and work.

We are rooting for all of you moms and at the same time happy to help you spend a little me time alone when you come to ATELIER.  

We want everyone to feel relaxed when they come through our doors and be able to browse freely and get inspired. 

Although a reward is very well deserved, sometimes just taking a break by listening to music, sipping some tea and trying on clothes is more than enough of an escape from a busy day. You never know... maybe you'll end up with a special outfit that will make you feel beautiful and confident, elevating your mood to go out and have a nice time with other mommy friends or your partner. 

So we hope you keep enjoying the rest of the Summer vacation! Try to share as much as possible with your kids, and do not forget to make time for yourself.

If you are in the mood to do a little shopping and get creative, visit ATELIER anytime, we are happy to assist you.

We'll keep you posted for upcoming events!!


P.S. Love Caro 








(photo rights reserved to Saloni)