I needed a place for reinventing myself... a place where I could let go and use my creativity to express the lifestyle I wanted.

I’ve never really decided on a certain style, but instead I had acquired a distinct feel! A feeling that is effortless and yet perfectly balanced... delicate, feminine and subtle.

That need to create led me to open a small workshop were handmade accessories were created with love!

Each one made with trims, ribbon, vintage buttons and one of kind designs...

After opening the shoppe, the “Atelier” evolved into an exclusive boutique. A store filled with rare designer labels, "hand picked" accessories and accent pieces of decor!

Again evolving into a creative space for workshops, styling, special events that revolved around fashion and lifestyle... my "imagined" lifestyle!

I like to see beauty in everything, and I like everything to be styled beautifully... Objects and purpose go hand in hand only to create a feeling of joy, gratitude, and love!

The “Atelier" is now a concept. It is a place for you to wonder... a place for you to enjoy and be surrounded by pretty things... and I want to share it with you!!!

Shopping here is meant to be an experience... where you can enjoy the lifestyle concept of “la vie Atelier” whether you are looking to find something you’ll cherish or simply hoping to be inspired!!!