We hope you had a fabulous, relaxing summer. We loved to keeping you updated posting new arrivals, our changes in schedule, a few stories of our travel abroad and snapshots of our new color palette inside the store. 

Our posts and stories have been hard to find lately, due to instagram's algorithm and the fact that we weren't into social media advertising.
We tend to think word of mouth is the best publicity and we prefer to keep growing organically, as we get to know our clients on a more personal level. Unless you turn on notifications, or have us on your top accounts to follow, instagram might keep you entertained with other feeds and you might miss out on ours.

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Getting into a routine at home is no math, we just need to organize a schedule.
Getting in shape requires a little more than just meal planning, but it helps being back from vacation and staying home instead of dining out.
Getting ready for the new season?

You don’t have to do that on your own, that we can help!!! 

We have this method called concept (c) It's not rocket science, it's very easy to learn. You'll need a little practice, but our workshops will help you master it.
We practice our mood boards on Monday and curate capsules during the week. This helps simplify packing as well as styling and editing outfits for our clients. If you're interested in learning more about it, click on the link for more information and we'll let you know when our next workshop will take place.