At the end of every letter to my husband I always write p.s. love Caro...
So when I opened a small workshop and began creating hand made accessories years ago, he suggested I use that as my brand. And so PS COUTURE came to be.

On the window of my first shop I had the word ATELIER since that is the translation in french for workshop.
Why did I choose French? I had never studied the language, but seemed to have a passion for it since my early ballet days...
I loved the music, the food and the Parisian "savor faire".
And everything I chose for the decor of the space seemed to have french style written all over it. 
And that is how, the ATELIER became my (work) and my (shop).
I came to realize that the accessories were the icing on the cake. But I was forgetting about the ingredients that make layered cakes taste so good...

I introduced some knitted garments to my shop, a few basic staples and soon after that it became... 
So many aspects of my life are part of this layered cake... 
There's a colorful side, that's why the store is always merchandised in complementing color palettes.
There's also a feminine side, that's why you'll find soft silhouettes and girly accent pieces.
Threads are always in the picture, so knits, throw blankets and scarves will naturally become part of our core collections.
Totes with matching pouches and complementing accessories are featured on a weekly basis,
and "pre-loved" items will forever roam the racks.
I have so many ideas about events and styling, but sometimes it's best to take things slow and focus on smaller tasks.
I think it's important that you get to know me, as well, in order to trust me with your style.
My door is not always open, and I appreciate your patience... but I assure you, once you book an appointment and become part of  "les amis", I will try my best to send you notifications of items you might like, create style boards when needed and curate capsules upon request. The creative process is so much fun and I want you to enjoy it every time you come shop at the store or online.
I'm not the 'fashionable influencer type', I'm a wife, mother of two, born and raised with Christian beliefs, I have a sensibility for the arts and a passion for color... I love to style, decorate and collect things, like scarves, pottery, handwoven baskets and more. I value your personal shopping and I will strive to make it fun and enjoyable, to me that's the cherry on top. I hope you'll get to visit the store soon and see for yourself that I've poured my heart into every detail.

Hope to see you soon, 
p.s. love  Caro