Mar, 26th, 2021

Let's talk MOOD...
We've gotten used to getting visual stimuli on a daily basis...and that's the way we interpret, analyze, study and perceive any concept. 
Visuals have the precise effect on our brains that lead to our way of thinking and affect the way we feel.

Social media is the perfect example of the collection of flash cards that we are feeding our minds with. But what if you had the option of creating the visuals you wanted to see? Wouldn't you like to have that control?

By creating your personal mood boards, you set a color scheme that will determine the tone, and the visuals you choose will be a guideline for what you want to do that week and how you'd like to dress and feel.
You can have a specific theme, inspiration will come from anything really, a destination, an object or a person you admire.

If you'd like to come to the store and try it for yourself, we usually do mood boards on Monday... feel free to stop by and we'll gladly invite you to participate in this creative process.
It really is a relaxing time and it helps us get organized with our weekly events and puts us in a good mood overall!!
Once our mood board is ready, we already have a clear idea of what colors we'd like to use. So based on the "mood" and the color palette we begin to select our basic staples for our capsules...

What is a "CAPSULE"  you say? 

Well, that is concept on it's own. It's something we've been doing for a long time, that helps us plan our weekly outfits, create collections that tell a story when merchandising the store and also help our clients with their shopping needs. 
It's the best way to pack and travel light, and it's also the best way to organize your closet... 

Curious? then you should definitely stop by, discover how we curate the store and inquire on our upcoming workshops. 
Accessories are the "cherry" on top. 

We love to add that final touch to your outfit that will make it special and personal. Usually it's easier to grab your accessories at the very end, but if you are in a hurry it's harder to find the right one. 

If you have your mood board for the week, and your capsule already planned out, it will be much easier to have your accessories in a little box or tray so you can have them ready when getting dressed. 

You can restyle your accessories from time to time whenever you change your capsule...
For the basic jewelry capsule check our IGTV on Instagram with a few of our recommended items. 

Click on the link to view our curated collections of jewelry and bijouterie and if you'd like to curate a bijoux box of your own, call or book an appointment with us and we'll be happy to help style one for you. 
One of our signature staples is the TOTE. 

Everything fits inside a tote... and we usually carry one around. Wether it's for running errands or going to the beach, our go to travel companion is always a tote. 
And we usually like to style one with our capsules.
One that matches with the color scheme and that will complement with all the outfits that we selected. 

Inside we usually add a pouch that can be worn as a clutch as well, and a matching scarf so you can wear it as a travel blanket, a shawl or a complement for lightweight layers. 
It can also be styled with matching slides, or hat if needed. 
Curated tote combos can be personalized upon request.