Comfort food brings back many memories of warmth, home and laughter...and my mother.

Traditions around family and food have been important throughout my life. I sometimes worry that due to recent trends in diet and lifestyle that our children won't remember a special meal or a favorite dish that will trigger their memory of childhood and cooking with their mom.

I have loving memories that won't easily fade. The smell and taste of ingredients she used, immediately bring me back to those happy (mom)ents. I'll always cherish her simple recipes and her spontaneous way of cooking with love.
I was blessed to have my grandmother, aunt and sister to help me along during my early years of motherhood. Their love, support and delicious cooking always motivated me to prepare meals at home. Each and every one of them specialized in different cooking techniques. My grandmother was more into classic simple home cooked stews, my aunt more into pastries, sauces and precise complex recipes that only meticulous chefs can accomplish, and my sister likes practical, healthy and savory, everyday gourmet dishes that are worthy of the best delis in town.
They inspired me and will always be part of my cuisine story.
I began my cookbook collection because of my aunt. She used to send me beautiful cookbooks from Williams Sonoma and Martha Stewart. It gave me something to look forward to when planning the menu for a party and also helped me visualize how to style the table for a specific theme.
Here are some of my favorite cookbooks in my latest collection, each one is in my top list for a different reason and I truly recommend them, if you like to get one for your mom.

She makes the best Horchata, thick and creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. It's loaded with calories, but that's the secret ingredient, and It's just surprisingly satisfying that you won't mind an extra serving.
All of my kid's birthday parties had a big jar of Horchata ready for self serve!!
You can find great gift ideas for mom and for yourself, to start making memories at home in your kitchen. If you need help curating a gift basket, I'd be more that happy to help!
p.s. Love Caro